17th – 21st April 2020

Nettle Grellier (b. 1993, Stroud, England) is based in Stroud and is currently taking part in the Turps Banana correspondence course. Nettle graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Brighton University in 2015 and has since exhibited at Christies, Unit London, and Delphian Gallery amongst others.

I make observations about human interaction; intimacy tipping over into awkwardness, or tenderness sitting next to ignorance. Life in a global pandemic has shed a different light onto these subjects and brought a new tension into the equation. Painting in oils for their intensity and richness of colour, these small portraits catch the subject halfway through a thought, or an action that they did without thinking. Perhaps they look a bit gormless, they didn’t know anyone was looking you see.

Old Soliloquy
Oil on Canvas
25 x 20 cm

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No longer available