As the pandemic continues to restrict exposure opportunities to emerging artists, All Mouth Gallery has teamed up with Sad Grads to provide a series of online exhibitions to 2020 graduates from across the UK.

15 – 21 April 2021

I’m interested in how making informed by experience can allow the personal to cross realms into the magical. Using emblems and childish motifs, my work takes a post-diary formation, that homes my drawings somewhere between private and public. Over lockdown I began thinking about magic portals, journeying, and the supernatural comforts these ideas can provide. A quest where we collect tokens of hope, befriend insects and look for small pleasures. These days my practice revolves around these values of positivity and creating a web of calm for myself and others.’

This piece is a continuation of using emblems for story-telling. A collection of good bits and bad bits, an acceptance of okayness, and a celebration of tender friendships.

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‘Good, mostly!’
42 x 59.4 cm
Chalk, pastel on paper