As the pandemic continues to restrict exposure opportunities to emerging artists, All Mouth Gallery has teamed up with Sad Grads to provide a series of online exhibitions to 2020 graduates from across the UK.

6 – 12 March 2021

My work is not shy 
My work is not neat 
My work is not patient
My work is not weak

‘Drawing for me is another form of thinking, and the root of my art practice. I draw to identify myself, to process and make sense of my feelings. As I draw, I pinpoint and play with particular emotions, the unruly and uncomfortable ones. I visualise these into graphic variations of animal-human hybrid creatures. My drawings offer allegories: discourses of power tensions between women and men, adult and child, humanity and the natural world, searching for the animals that lurk within us still.

By choosing to use a stick not a brush, often drawing with my non-dominant hand, I work with and against restriction. I work with ranges of scale and space, disassembling and reassembling my drawings to exaggerate and communicate different levels of power and attention. Recently, I’ve been using cut-outs, collage, and stop-motion animation to pull my drawings from the page, heightening disruption and intimacy.

My practice evolves and develops from project to project. Each providing me a place or a purpose to rethink, reinvent and reframe my drawn creatures – continuing their nomadic journey from one site to the next.’


‘Books of Left Hand’ is an ongoing project that began in January 2019. Each sketchbook is handmade and dedicated to drawings done with my non-dominant hand, providing the drawings with a childlike tension that sits between the unruly and the direct.

I often use drawing as a way to make sense of emotions that I can find hard to verbalise. As a result of this my Books of Left Hand often act like a diary; expressions of my mind that exist purely in the visual. 

Several of the drawings in this book have been inspired by Natalie Haynes’s book Pandora’s Jar – Women in the Greek Myths, in particular the stories of Jocasta and Pandora.’  

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Book of Left Hand No.34
15 x 22 cm
Handmade sketchbook, graphite, pen and masking tape on paper, bound with wool

£740 (plus postage)

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