As the pandemic continues to restrict exposure opportunities to emerging artists, All Mouth Gallery has teamed up with Sad Grads to provide a series of online exhibitions to 2020 graduates from across the UK.

13 – 19 February 2021

I’m a 22 year old artist/writer/person based in Surrey. Having graduated in March/April/May/whoevenknowswhen in 2020 from The Glasgow School of Art, I’ve been continuing to pursue my practise back home which consists of poetry, painting, ceramic work and drawing. I view my work as diaristic and candid and often try to use language and imagery in a transparent way in order to convey total honesty. I create in a quick and immediate manor in order to capture an emotion entirely, and often through the written word seek to use everyday themes to make my work relatable and comforting.

I was having one of those bleak lockdown days where I felt so zapped of energy that I just sort of sat on the bathroom floor while getting changed and was like, huh, I can make something out of this, and it might make my day a little bit better too. So I just did a rough sketch in my journal, which the next day I turned into a mono print, and a few days later, into this painting. When the ideas sort of pop into my head without my control I know that they’re worth making something about. I painted it in blue because I wanted to add all the drama that I possibly could to represent the bad mood that had me sitting on the floor in the first place, and I painted the floor tiles all fancy like because I wanted it to look beautiful too. 

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Blue Toilet
92 x 122 cm
Acrylic on canvas