1 – 7 November 2020

Lily Irwin is an Irish artist based in London, currently studying at The Royal Drawing School.

‘In my work I attempt to capture some sense of what it is to be human, searching for truths or significance in the inconsequential moments of every day. I seek to embrace all aspects of our being, exploring the tension and in-between spaces of the different parts of us. How we can feel at once deeply vulnerable yet strong, serene and unnerved, unabashed and embarrassed, sorrowful and joyous. Animals, particularly dogs are a recurring symbol in my
work. In the past they have seemed to symbolise a sense of loss, yet now their presence is largely a redemptive, healing one – dispelling feelings of isolation and loneliness. In some ways they also act as a mirror to the human.’

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Morning Rituals II
84 x 59 cm
Oil on board